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PMP saves you time, money, and tracks your ads with ease

ProductionManagerPro® is an ad-tracking and workflow system designed to work the way ad builders work. It keeps the focus of ad building on streamlining process, tracking components and meeting deadlines. ProductionManagerPro® creates a database of orders that allow for quick searching so that it is easy to find the ads to be worked on.  

When building ads, ProductionManagerPro® keeps track of all the components that make up the ad and automatically stores them in the system.  The user does not have to worry about where the file is actually stored or named.  Additionally sub-elements that are used repeatedly for a given customer can be easily stored and reused as required.  Elements that are used for multiple customers (such as credit card logo’s) can also be stored in a logical fashion for later retrieval and use.

ProductionManagerPro® simplifies the entire process of creating  the correctly sized document by publication, building the ad and even sending out proofs to customers or co-workers.

For management use a time tracking audit trail is automatically maintained for each ad and artist as the content is created.  Extensive management reports can be generated from this time tracking data and automatically delivered via email at preset times.

ProductionManagerPro® works with any application to build ads; Photoshop, InDesign, QuarkXPress, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, are just a few examples.  ProductionManagerPro® also handles ad types for multiple output channels; web, print mobile and more.   Ads can be static images for print and websites or be multi-media ads that contain audio, or video, have animations, or contain whatever the artist designs.

Why use an ad-tracking system?

Save time:

• How much user time is spent looking for lost files? With ProductionManagerPro®, there is no need to search— the graphics are kept with their jobs.

• How much time is taken up with housekeeping of files on hard disks and servers? ProductionManagerPro® automates these tasks so you don’t have to do them.

• How many ads have to be recomposed because the original has been deleted or lost? ProductionManagerPro® keeps track of all your ads in all their forms so you’ll never have lost ads again.

• How many ads fail to appear in the paper or online because the users have named them incorrectly? ProductionManagerPro® standardizes the naming of all ads, so misnamed ads are a thing of the past.

• Has someone ever worked on an ad, then saved it locally to his or her own hard drive, where no one else
could find it or get to it? ProductionManagerPro®’s database makes sure all the ads and all their elements are easily available to all staff.

Save money:

• What is the cost of refunds because ads have been modified by accident or not modified when they should
have been? If PMP saves you only 50 percent on make-goods (and we think the number is more around 90 percent) how quickly does the system pay for itself on just that point alone? There are a multitude of other ways ProductionManagerPro®’s automation can save time and money.

• What is the cost of ads that are produced to the wrong size? ProductionManagerPro® can automatically size ads to their booked width and depth.

• What is the cost of refunds because users have failed to put images and artwork through the server after they have been modified?

• Digital asset management of ad elements

• Automated tools for proofing, exporting and e-mail notifications

• Reports (and scheduled reports) to track ad-building time, deadlines and workflow

• Built-in archiving with a searchable index

Supervisor awareness:

• Do supervisors know the state of production at
critical times?

• Is there a need for production statistics and workflow

• How much time is spent trying to establish who did
what to a file or job in the event of a customer problem
or a late rework request?

• Is it time-consuming to help ad sales staff find old ads
and artwork?

• Is proof control a problem?

    PMPS’s powerful search engine gives you a clear view of what is available to be produced.
    PMP tracks and organizes elements for a specific ad, the customer and universal elements all in one easy to use interface.