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MediaSpan has been creating products and servicing the publishing industry for over 40 years. With the largest installed base in the industry we understand what it takes to produce efficient and profitable publications. Our solutions are designed to streamline your workflow, realize new revenue streams and improve your bottom line. Whether you are a large Metropolitan Newspaper, a locally owned weekly, a consumer or business to business magazine or even an in house communications and marketing department MediaSpan has your solution. The complete suite of tools for the publishing space include:

We back it all up with world-class training and support.


MediaSpan provides a comprehensive suite of web design, online content management, audience loyalty, database marketing, advertising and revenue-generating solutions tailored to meet the changing needs of traditional broadcasters. Most importantly, we have on-staff experts to assist your company in developing creative solutions to enhance audience engagement and grow new revenue centers.

MediaSpan’s Content Management System puts you in control of your website with easy-to-use web-based tools that make creating and updating content faster and easier than ever. Our Content Management System features include the ability to create and manage all of your website content in one place – with real time updates – all with easy access from your web-based Online Site Administrator. With our platform you can schedule content changes in advance, create multiple sectional page layouts on the fly, take advantage of easy-to-implement concert calendars, playlists, personality pages and more. Our services also include fully customized site creation from a best-of-breed team of world class designers. In addition to our robust Content Management System, we offer fully integrated solutions for:

We back it all up with world-class training and support.


MediaSpan provides a wealth of experience across a broad range of enterprise level online initiatives. MediaSpan now offers the technology and expertise to be your go-to source for any government online requirement. Recently, we have successfully delivered a complex content management system development project to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, provided website design, development and secure hosting services for the American Forces Network as well as serving thousands of media publisher needs successfully. Our positive track record serving government agencies; and thousands of clients in broadcast and publishing media serves as validation of the quality and reliability of our services. Our platform provides: 

  • Dynamic, secure, and easy-to-use website content management
  • Advanced online database and email marketing
  • Sophisticated, online audio and video, both on-demand and streaming
  • Professional website design, development and engineering services
  • High Capacity online document searching via Google’s Search Appliance 
  • World class training and support

We have learned from past and current partners that the addition of our toolset can be highly valuable in accelerating new client acquisition. 

MediaSpan offers the technology and expertise to be your go-to source for any government online requirement. Our positive track record serving government agencies; and over 1500 clients in broadcast and publishing media serves as validation of the quality and reliability of our services. 

The features of our SaaS CMS include full control and customization of website design, mobile optimized website templates, content preview, automated archiving, rich text editor, navigation control, interactive tools such as comments, polls and calendars, web 2.0 application integration, workflow automation, Dreamweaver integration and much more. In addition, we feature robust platforms for database marketing, streaming video and audio, and a sophisticated e-mail marketing system to create custom audiences with data collected on-site. 

Please contact us for an online demo and project assessment at 949.892.2929 x3176 or email:

Tech Specs: 
  • NIST Level 2, FIPS 140-2 Compliant Security Clearance with our web hosting environment 
  • User access rights and privilege management 
  • Workflow Administration 
  • Experience with the Google Search Appliance for instant search of large volumes of content including PDF files 
  • Dreamweaver Integration and Toolbar, In-Context Editing and Asset Revision Tracking


MediaSpan services for Ministry and Faith Based organizations provides online platforms and tools that allow for new levels of engaging both seekers and those already committed around the goals of encouraging spiritual growth and formation, engaging and serving their communities, developing strong families and encouraging a lifestyle of generosity, grace and goodness.

MediaSpan’s Faith-Based services leverages our rich history of working with leading Christian broadcasters with a new focus on deploying our tools to provide unique and exceptional value for churches, ministry and enterprises in both “non” and “for profit” sectors. 

Our toolsets for Ministry include award graphic and web design to help you develop and extend your ministry brand, enterprise level content management systems that grow with your ministry putting you in total control of your website. Our “Studio” media management toolset allows you to deliver video and audio content via web, mobile and social networks with tools that allow your constituents to share content globally with their friends. 

Campus provides a gathering place for growth for individuals and groups to experience your ministry in new and engaging ways, with an online Bible and your resources to help them meet their life and spiritual goals. 

We also provide an online data collection tool to help you better understand your audience, capture their needs, want and desires to engage and connect them with relevant opportunities and offers. Sending emails and text messages has never been easier; create it, set it and send it…to connect with your audience with the right message at just the right moment. We also offer the social networking tools to help you keep relevant and provide your friends and followers with easy ways to share the message of your ministry and grow the impact of your ministry.

Finally, 0ur interdisciplinary team of ministry professionals deliver extensive online, ministry, broadcasting, marketing, fundraising and strategic planning expertise to help you develop a sound digital media strategy to help meet your ministry goals. 

We back it all up with world-class training and support. 

Please contact us for an online demo at 949.892.2929 x3176 or email: