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E-Loyalty Mail Features

E-LoyaltyMail features a enterprise level email management tool for communicating with your entire database or custom audiences that can be created within minutes. Target a specific demographic based on any information collected in the database, such as an age/gender group or a list of zip codes. MediaSpan's automated bounceback processing will assist in keeping your data clean and free of unusable data. Track user actions through newsletters to gauge your database participation through each campaign.


Robust e-mail marketing engine
  • Create custom target groups based on any information you collect
  • Automated "bounce-back" processing
  • Detailed reports with exports to Excel, Access and others
  • Track the open rates and link clicks on emails
  • Batch data import tool with automated merge and purge capability
  • Automated emails for birthdays, anniversaries and more


Cultivate Audience Loyalty and Gain Valuable User Data.

Featuring email marketing, loyalty clubs, contests, surveys, and points accumulation/redemption programs. ELS will help you to better understand and engage more deeply with your loyal online users. The more you know about them, the more you can help your advertisers connect with them.

Collect valuable data about your online users. Through member registration and surveys, you can gather valuable demographic and psychographic data on the people who visit your site most often.

Send targeted email, newsletters, and admail to users based on preferences and interests. This creates advertising sponsorship opportunities to generate new and incremental online revenue.

Engage your users with surveys and contests, all of which can be advertiser-sponsored. Tie keyword and trivia contests to news and features in your print edition. Create surveys to gather more and better information for advertisers, and target your audience with products and offers that fit their profile.

Reward your users with loyalty points to redeem for prizes. You set the requirements and points – your users keep coming back to earn more. The Loyalty Points Program is another way to connect your advertisers with your audience, while you continue to build loyalty for your print and online products.

Robust reporting tools help you track demographics, contest participation, newsletter opt-ins, and more.

Regular feature updates insure your publication has cutting edge technology without the cost and hassle of managing a team of programmers. As a MediaSpan client, you get the benefit of regular feature updates and new releases included with your service. We take care of ongoing development, so you can focus on what you do best: Connect with your loyal audience.

Since 1999, MediaSpan Online Services has built, designed and hosted more than 1500 websites for publishing and broadcast media companies worldwide. MediaSpan offers a highly secure hosting environment with a 99% uptime record, redundant servers and disaster recovery in place.

To learn more about eLoyalty Suite, call now: 949.892.2929 x3176 or email info@mediaspanonline.com

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