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CirculationPro® - powerful, versatile and ease of use

CirculationPro® is one of the most versatile and powerful systems on the market today. It’s simple, easy to use browser client makes managing your publications, products or electronic subscriptions a breeze.  Whether a single user system, metro daily or a group consolidating across a wide geographic area, CirculationPro can easily scale to meet your needs.

Proven Track Record

CirculationPro is a complete circulation system providing subscription and distribution management all in one package. With our web tools your subscribers, distributors and drivers can all access the information you want them to have streamlining the process and saving everyone valuable time and money. CirculationPro has been enabling our customers to consolidate across publications, products, business units and more for over 20 years. Our enterprise wide solution lets groups consolidate server hardware, operations, accounting, customer service and much more while still maintaining the individual identities of the publications and products maintained within the system.

CirculationPro is available as either a self hosted or Software-as-a-Service.  Through our SaaS model, we host your data; manage your updates and server hardware for you from our secure, reliable data centers. CirculationPro is designed to seamlessly integrate and work with numerous outside systems from general ledger, accounts payable, mailroom collating and preprint equipment, stacking equipment to IVR systems like Chatterbox and VoicePort as well as complete integration with MediaSpan’s advertising solutions and paywall options.

Our customer service centric design allows managing subscriber accounts, payments, billing and much more a breeze. Our more than 125 core reports provide detailed tracking and reporting information that is needed to understand and manage your circulation at any level you require.

Stay compliant with all the top auditing requirements such as ABC, CAC, VAC, and BPA as well as stay current with USPS and Canada Post mailing requirements and IRS requirements for distribution pay.